Oskari presents music that is Nordic by nature and Americana at heart.


Born in Helsinki, this Finnish songwriter, composer, and producer now calls Brooklyn, NY, home. Oskari translates memories, moments, and experiences from living in five different cities across two continents into what he calls "three-minute movies" that draw from diverse influences, are deeply rooted in singer-songwriter tradition, and yet amplified by pop ambition.


Although music had been a big part of Oskari's life for many years, a visit to Nashville, TN, in 2010 changed the trajectory of the then 19-year-old musician's life. Nothing had ever quite made him feel the way those unforgettable lyrics and timeless melodies ringing from every corner bar of the city did. Since then, he has steadily been honing his craft, working as a songwriter and composer for himself and others.


"East Village Evening", Oskari's first solo release in six years, hit the playlists in December 2019. His next single is called "American Beauty" and it will be out March 20th. Let's keep the journey going!



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